Python 3.4 + Nginx + uwsgi + django 1.6 on Ubuntu

So first off it’s probably best to shy away from pyenv, on your servers, it’s awesome on your local machine, just use virtualenv (you don’t want to go hunting down which version what is trying to run something else, and the errors are pretty cryptic). Just install it from the repo (or soon to be official) repo.  Also stay away …Read more »

GeoDjango – World/US – Borders/ShapeFile Starter Pack V1 – GitHub

I’ve put together a collection of Django Models which should allow you to do most geocoding and reverse geocoding directly inside of your Django application, based on if you have a point or a latitude and longitude pair, for somewhere on the world map. Github – GeoDjango – World – ShapeFiles Starter Pack V1 The current models that can return …Read more »

From root login to <tags>: What’s Next?

Here is a preview of the articles I will be releasing in the coming weeks, not in any particular order since some I’ve probably been working on for at least a year now. Bear with me as you read through the list you’ll see the gamut which it covers is a vast array of information that spans programatic continents, but it’s …Read more »

Using Google Maps API – JS

This demo shows you the basics of using the Google Maps API. I have an array of sample date that get dropped around New York, while it will also ask you to authorize your computer (if it has GPS), so that it can figure out where you are. The basic Idea is to use Google Maps so that you’re able …Read more »

ScoreKeeper Light – V1.0

  (Click the image to use it, or go here) So a few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to build a simple score keeping app for our volleyball games. I needed it to work on either Android or iOS, but I really didn’t want to take the time to write two native apps for each. So I figured doing …Read more »

JAVA with SSRS on Windows 7

Head over to Craig’s Blog for an article detailing how to access SSRS Soap services from JAVA using Axis. If you’re using Win7 you’ll also need to add authentication for NTLMv2, which is detailed over at Sachin’s Blog. (I haven’t posted anything is a while, been busy for like 2-years… however I have a slew of articles I need to write …Read more »

Technology Agnostic: Developing In An Adapting World

      Technology Agnostic: Developing In An Adapting World. Excerpt: Technology Agnostic: Developing In An Adapting World By: Juan Bonfante As a web developer I’ve noticed that over the past five to eight years, a trend to develop applications that can run ubiquitous of their environment. With the rising popularity of cloud computing and the emerging mobile markets, enterprise …Read more »

Roundarch Sponsors Ji-V Hackathon in Chicago | Roundarch Blog

Roundarch Sponsors Ji-V Hackathon in Chicago | Roundarch Blog.

Why I keep going Back To Flash

Over the past year, I’ve done very little in the Flash/Flex world; Not because I thought the Apple had won, but more around the interest of learning what else is out there. After a year of HTML5/Javascript, iOS, Android/Java, and a little Python; Everything I learn makes me want to get back to Flash. Albeit I’ve learned that prototyping with …Read more »

Rocky Mountain Flash Camp – Flex 4 Skinning and Styling – 10.12.2010

[update] Session recording is now online. You can view it here: Presenting today in Denver, at Rocky Mountain Flash Camp. Talk is on Flex 4 Skinning, and here are the files needed to follow along. FXP Project: RMFlashCamp.fxp Changed the background image in honor of the conference. Took it earlier this morning, on my drive into the conference… Location: …Read more »



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