Refresh Rate

Most people rarely ever care to look at what refesh rate their monitors are set to. Just tonite, I’d been working for a few hours, and I began to wonder why my eyes were hurting so much phentermine more to look at one monitor more than the other. I have a dual-monitors that are identical (one is a model year older than the other). at 1600×1200 one max’s out at 100HZ the other at 85HZ.

I plugged my laptop in not realizing Vista has a tendency of setting the monitor down to default frequency(60hz) just about everytime you plug in to an external monitor. *This applies only to the VGA connection and NOT DVI… I believe*

So i bumped my monitor back up, and now my eyes feel like they can handle a couple more hours of retina burning staring. Think I need some food first though.

Note to self: Food is important.