AwayBuilder – A new way of 3D Flash

For the past month or so I’ve been diving into Away3D. Recently Andreas Engstrom ( Awaybuilder framework) put together a really nice addition to the Away3D Engine.


Awaybuilder lets you set up scenes in Maya, or Cinema4D export them as Collada files, then have the framework parse through the file and build the scene completely in Flash. YES, it’s like a front end GUI for Flash 3D, that doesn’t *suck* as bad as CS4. Well you’d be laying out scenes in some of the best 3D software available out there. Although I’m making it sound easy… well it is. I’ll be putting demo’s together this weekend to share with the community how easy it is to actually put it together.

Since the framework is still in the early states, theres a bit a creativity involved in putting scenes together. I’ve been using Maya, but since my 30-Day trial ran out, I’ll be diving into Cinema4D this weekend, unless you want to DONATE me a copy of Maya, or throw me money so I can buy one!

Anyways in Maya the entire concept revolves around setting up “Extra Properties” onto your objects, I’ve actually written a decent amount of Python scripts to ease the process, and there is a Panel in the works to make your (lazy) lives even easier. If you want the Python scripts get a hold of me, and I’ll definitely send em over (or I think they might be in the AwayBuilder SVN).

svn checkout

Concepts to expect in my tutorials:

  • Basic Polygon Creation (Planes, Cubes,Spheres)
  • Setting Properties
  • Choosing Materials and Geomety
  • Setting up Cameras
  • Setting up mouse interaction
  • Setting up lights
  • Light reactive materials
  • Custom Geometry Classes
  • and more…

They’re not gonna be in that order, but you get the idea. Hopefully i can get a new copy of Maya running, in which case I will do screen capture. Otherwise expect an encyclopedia of knowledge. If you have any major concerns that can’t wait, shoot me an email. Or leave me some comments, I’m here to help.