Gran Turismo and Actionscript3

Ok… So they don’t have anything to do with each other directly. But they do in my case! Since I love Gran Turismo and Actionscript… and although I can’t get better at Gran Turismo by using AS3, I can get better at AS3 while playing Gran Turismo (*this is highly speculative, and probably false considering I’ve just been putting quick hax apps with the IDE… ohh did I mention I hate the IDE… well I found a use for it… ). Because of my surgery (Spinal Fusion… it was awesome) I have a bit of time to lay on my back and stare at screens…. here’s a result:

Ok… So that was the not very useful animation of the physics of turning…. hey they apply to real life to. But the actual purpose for all of this, was I found a settings guide for cars online (considering I’ve been playing the game for 7 years… I finally looked for help). Cool guide to you can find it here. But it was giving me percentages and I was just using Quicksilver to calculate it all, and well that was taking forever. I can write a post just about Quicksilver since it’s like the best thing you could ever use on your mac… but I’m not going there right now, this is about GT4. So I build a little something for you to see what settings stuff should be at. Theres a couple of other settings in the guide I’ve been meaning on putting in there… but I’m going back to the game now. Enjoy!

All it does is takes a low limit number, the high limit number, then the percentage in decimal notation (i.e. 40% = .4)… then returns the number in relation to the original number.

*two swtich statements were harmed during the making of this swf