New Year, New Format, New Blog Post

Over the past year I realized my blog was an unorganized collection of random thoughts I decided to compile on a whim… which is okay, I like my train of thought, its sporadic. I’m sure like myself and anyone who’s ever read my blog, you’ve realized you never really know what to expect.

Well that’s going to change.

Over the past year I’ve been studying some really cool facets about multiple different languages, teaching myself Python (which has more functionality than i ever imagined), started learning OpenFrameworks, and started learning some juicy tid bits about Android development.  Then there’s always Actionscript, where I’ve increased my knowledge by leaps and bounds…

After using wxPython, i realized Flex is actually ok. So I’m using Flex “a little” more (the Framework, not the SDK, I use the SDK ALL the time, duh); that and the newest version of FDT (beta) helped — full MXML-autocompletion.

Then there is the Library mayhem, where with the proper library you can do anything in Flash, so I will cover some of the ones I’ve been using, and some of the ones I’ve forgotten. Didn’t do much 3D work this past year, so I will revisit Away3D and Papervision3D as well as Maya, so expect articles on all. Then the few I’ve been promising articles on for like 2 months, AlivePDF and OpenZoom.

….*maybe even some Silverlight….

So WHAT’s this NEW format??

Well realizing I need to con myself into actually posting blogs, I will be posting on a schedule.
1 post a week.
Sunday seems like an appropriate day to do it.

Also to keep myself on track, I will have the next posts listed with their due dates. So if a post starts with a date… It hasn’t been published yet, and you’ll know when it will be 😉

I will be doing a few video tutorials as well, since that format seems to lend itself much better for certain things.

Anyways, Happy 2010! This year is gonna be awesome I have new bionic spine!

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