Using Google Maps API – JS

This demo shows you the basics of using the Google Maps API. I have an array of sample date that get dropped around New York, while it will also ask you to authorize your computer (if it has GPS), so that it can figure out where you are. The basic Idea is to use Google Maps so that you’re able to Geo-tag places and leave notes (think Foursquare, Google+ checkins, or FB checkins). The idea was anyone can use the site and post ‘mainly’ anonymous messages about anything with a gps location. Of course for the sake of this demo I’m simply allowing you to click anywhere on the map and add a marker.

I took the back-end portion of this out. I don’t want people blowing out my MySQL instance. But if you’re interested I can share the code for the Tables, and the functions I used to save and retrieve xml data from the server. Thanks to the Maps API this also works on mobile. This was a proof of concept I made about two years ago (and it still works! For the most part…). The main idea was to try and create apps in HTML that could be run on any device, if you have a GPS tied to your device, this will find you.

Because of how I coded the backend, the services behind this could be easily propagated to be used in native apps for iOS or Android, without having to mess with your data. I have an APK somewhere that shows allows you to launch the app on your Android devices and add points and messages as you please. That one however is still tied to my database; I’ll strip the saving part out and repost soon (or never, if I don’t have the time).

If you want to view the source head over to the mapControl.js  to see the JS behind it. It’s a mashup of Google sample code, and not even close to clean. I dug it out of the cow-webs of my web server.