Currently I am CTO of Loooper LLC, working inside of the Amazon Cloud primarily doing Django(1.6)/Python(3.4) applications, on Linux Ubuntu boxes. I also work as an Enterprise Software Consultant, on everything from strategy, application development and planning, all the way to security.

My aim is not to target one technology that does everything, but to integrate multiple technologies to do even more than the original plan. All technology problems have more than one solution, I aim to have knowledge of them all, while still being able to lead down the road less travelled.

My love for code is driven by my love for math, and my love for math drives me to enjoy alot of what the world has to offer, even if it might be something as meaningless as seeing a distinct pattern in the way people space each other on the bus on the way to work every morning, or something spectacular such as actually being able to comprehend the vast distances of space, black holes and all. Along the same lines, my other loves include photography, poetry/writing which you can find at Eloquent(l-o-quent.com), a site I run for/with like minded poets from around the world, and cooking/food at my Dining blog(pretty old not updated very often).

Math as applied to life it’s an ongoing equation.

Heroes: My Dad and Carl Sagan

If you want to contact me:

juan [at] juanbonfante.com




  1. hi, I am not a flash developer, but i need to customize the openzoom viewer like you did for your poresentation. I installed am adobe flash bulider trial and downloaded the sdk, the nano package e tango package. I tried to modify the source but i don’t know what. Can you help me?

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