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[Presentation] Learning From Example – 03.13.2010

[UPDATE] This did not use any Android AIR/Flash.

Chicago Google Technology conferenceĀ GTUG #7.

The original idea was developed by Adam Flater, Jesse Freeman and Jordan Snyder, my co-workers at Roundarch. Utilizing Merapi, a Java-AIR messaging bridge, we are able to control a Flash presentation from the comfort of your palm (in my case, my Nexus One). The example is a basic one, but the wow-factor is what its all about. It also opens the door to show that we can have alot more complex interactions and messaging between an android phone and the flash platform.

You can find more information about merapi at

Follow @adamflater and @dmeeker creators of Merapi.

The project utilized BumEngine, created by Jesse Freeman (@theflashbum)

[Tutorial] Debugging AS3 from the browser using FDT

If you’re an Actionscript programmer, you should probably at least know of FDT. If you don’t, travel over to their site, and download a copy of the software (free trial for 30 days). I’m assuming in this post you already have it installed, and you know how to compile files, and maybe even know how write your own ANT scripts.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

One of the nicest features of FDT is its debugger, it is full of features you would never find in the IDE’s (CS3/4/5), and if you’re used to debugging in Eclipse it follows that same route.

Quite often I’ll be brought onto a project in the middle of its development cycle, so I don’t have an option on how it’s setup. Quite often in Flash, I end up dealing with a bunch of FLA files and I’m forced to use the IDE for compiling. Same thing with Flex, but luckily FDT can run MXML, so that’s not much of an issue, it might just take a little extra time to setup your Flex project in FDT. What I’m trying to say here is don’t worry how you’re getting your original project (Flash, Flex, in case of a miracle its already FDT), with a little bit of configuration time, you can get just about any Actionscript project to run in FDT.

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