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Why I keep going Back To Flash

Over the past year, I’ve done very little in the Flash/Flex world; Not because I thought the Apple had won, but more around the interest of learning what else is out there. After a year of HTML5/Javascript, iOS, Android/Java, and a little Python; Everything I learn makes me want to get back to Flash. Albeit I’ve learned that prototyping with …Read more »

Rocky Mountain Flash Camp – Flex 4 Skinning and Styling – 10.12.2010

[update] Session recording is now online. You can view it here: Presenting today in Denver, at Rocky Mountain Flash Camp. Talk is on Flex 4 Skinning, and here are the files needed to follow along. FXP Project: RMFlashCamp.fxp Changed the background image in honor of the conference. Took it earlier this morning, on my drive into the conference… Location: …Read more »

BFusion/BFlex 2010 – 2 Sessions on Flex 4 – 9.12.2010

[From BFlex site] What is BFusion/BFlex? BFusion/BFlex is no normal conference. It is a no-nonsense, learn-to-code* and learn-it-from-the-best event. Each day there are six full hours of hands-on training with the various technologies and techniques. You bring your computer and desire to learn and our excellent instructors challenge you to take your mind to new places. ——————————— This past …Read more »

Hi-Res Printing in Flash with AlivePDF

Printing with Flash has always been one of those nagging issues I’ve never been able to successfully defeat, using the Flash PrintJob class that is. Although I want to sit here, and tell you how awful the PrintJob class is, I’ll let you try to explore that rocky road all by yourself; When you get to the point when you’re trying to use PixelBender …Read more »

[Presentation] Learning From Example – 03.13.2010

[UPDATE] This did not use any Android AIR/Flash. Chicago Google Technology conference GTUG #7. The original idea was developed by Adam Flater, Jesse Freeman and Jordan Snyder, my co-workers at Roundarch. Utilizing Merapi, a Java-AIR messaging bridge, we are able to control a Flash presentation from the comfort of your palm (in my case, my Nexus One). The example is a …Read more »

ZUI | Exploring Zoomable User Interfaces with OpenZoom

UPDATE: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. HIGH LIKELIHOOD OF CRASHING YOUR BROWSER Here is basic proof of concept inserting OpenZoom interfaces within openzoom interfaces to make a basic image gallery. Further tweak of the controls will prove a very nice browsing experience. Also pairing with Flash Player 10’s capabilities for 3D and we make something quite impressive, and very lightweight …Read more »

[Tutorial] Debugging AS3 from the browser using FDT

If you’re an Actionscript programmer, you should probably at least know of FDT. If you don’t, travel over to their site, and download a copy of the software (free trial for 30 days). I’m assuming in this post you already have it installed, and you know how to compile files, and maybe even know how write your own ANT scripts. …Read more »


So let’s talk about spaceships… I mean Stratalogica. Stratalogica has been my life for about the past year. It is a teaching tool for geography and history wrapped around Google Earth (for short). Roundarch the company I work for teamed up with Nystrom a division of Herff-Jones, to try and create a new platform to interact with their content. Long …Read more »


So looking through my logs, I realized a ton of users have gotten to my blog by searching “flash switch case”. And well I figured I’ll give all of you who made it here, a little bit of help. First I’ll add a button directly to the Actionscript 3 API reference to the buttons on my main nav. And the …Read more »

AwayBuilder – A new way of 3D Flash

For the past month or so I’ve been diving into Away3D. Recently Andreas Engstrom ( Awaybuilder framework) put together a really nice addition to the Away3D Engine. AWAYBUILDER Awaybuilder lets you set up scenes in Maya, or Cinema4D export them as Collada files, then have the framework parse through the file and build the scene completely in Flash. YES, …Read more »


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