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Proverbial first post

So I’ve finally started my own blog, didn’t know word press was such a breeze to set up. But instead of going into some long diatribe about how wonderful the advent of having all this, I’m gonna go dive head deep into it. I’ll put more abstract articles up in the future. As for the name, well you guessed it this blog will be dedicated to my explorations in code. Right now it’s actionscript, but maybe it will change.

So i will start by exploring a little bit about my own portfolio site. Although i love Flex, i like the control of PureAS3 just a little better. I like the ability to put sites together very quickly in Flex, and had been moving away from the IDE almost altogether… til I found . It definitely simplifies the process of deploying a site quickly with Flash, integrating asset management, phentermine custom preloaders, depth management, swfaddress. Etc. The API is fairly rich in features, and if like me you prefer code over fla’s, Gaia creates exports of the Document classes for every page. Enough of me rambling go download it, run a tutorial or two, then start building. My first impression of Gaia i was a little put off, but once i realized the customization you can actually do, i was sold.

Two other libraries you should check out, which i will post more on too: