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From root login to <tags>: What’s Next?

Here is a preview of the articles I will be releasing in the coming weeks, not in any particular order since some I’ve probably been working on for at least a year now. Bear with me as you read through the list you’ll see the gamut which it covers is a vast array of information that spans programatic continents, but it’s time. All of these topics, and most of the examples I’ll be taking come right out of the documentation for each subject, so it’s all publicly available, I will just be wrapping them up in a nice bow. If you’d like to see something sooner than later, let me know.

The Powers of Django – A Love Affair with Indentation:

  • Part 1 – Building API’s with Django
  • Part 2 – Interacting with SOAP services using SUDS
  • Part 3 – Templating and custom URLS

JQuery and CSS3 – The Simplest Answer is Often Right

  • Part 1 – Simple Front End Examples that can save your skin
  • Part 2 – Flow and the User Experience
  • Part 3 – Dealing with Older Browsers
  • Part 4 – Video and Animation

WordPress – Because It’s Everywhere:

  • Part 1 – Custom Post Types
  • Part 2 – WordPress as a CMS
  • Part 3 – Deep Dive

Using Git as part of your deployment strategy:

  • Part 1 – Dev Servers
  • Part 2 – Multiple Concurrent Servers, keeping them in sync
  • Part 3 – Continuous Deployment using Atlasssian Bamboo
  • Part 4 – JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo – The Atlasssian Tool Belt

Rackspace – Enter the cloud:

  • Part 1 – Basics: Install, Setup, Configure
  • Part 2 – Reusing images, Load Balancers and Cloud Databases
  • Part 3 – DNS Configurations, tips & tricks

Google Apps For Business

  • Part 1 – GAM – Google Apps Manager
  • Part 2 – Audit Tools

Technology Agnostic: Developing In An Adapting World




Technology Agnostic: Developing In An Adapting World.


Technology Agnostic: Developing In An Adapting World

By: Juan Bonfante

As a web developer I’ve noticed that over the past five to eight years, a trend to develop applications that can run ubiquitous of their environment. With the rising popularity of cloud computing and the emerging mobile markets, enterprise clients have started to move away from the model of building web applications that would only run on one or two particular browsers, in order to create dynamic applications that can run virtually on any device, without degrading their brand or the user experience. And while this idea now permeates all aspects of our daily lives, as a developer this can almost seem like an insurmountable challenge. As a developer how do you keep up with all of the new languages, frameworks, and API’s out there? How do you become technology agnostic?

Why I keep going Back To Flash

Over the past year, I’ve done very little in the Flash/Flex world; Not because I thought the Apple had won, but more around the interest of learning what else is out there. After a year of HTML5/Javascript, iOS, Android/Java, and a little Python; Everything I learn makes me want to get back to Flash. Albeit I’ve learned that prototyping with jQuery(HTML) can be quite easy, and extremely fun; having to tweak my code for different browsers, reminded me of the negatives.

Then while iOS and Android offer extremely nice IDE’s for coding, and meticulously documented API’s, getting from idea to app can be a headache specially if you’re coding for both. Enter Appcelerator’s Titanium, which allows you to write apps for iPhone and Android using JavaScript (and a few other languages); I found the size and performance of the applications to be a little bit hard to swallow, but at least you’re not jumping around between Objective-C and JAVA.

And then I start looking through all my favorite Flash blogs and am reminded of why I love Flash so much in the first place. First off:

Simple Flash GUI Tool – an extension of MinimalComps by Keith Peters, and probably one of my favorite Flash libraries outside of TweenMax. This one is by Justin Windle over at SoulWire. And was originally posted like 5 months ago.

PixelBender 3D – Do I need to say more? Hardware 3D rendering, built on top of “Molehill”

Wallaby – This is a sweet idea to turn Flash sites into HTML. Not that I completely agree with the idea, but the option is pretty sweet.

Last but NOT LEAST:

Adobe AIR – Yup it’s AIR. If you didn’t know already, with AIR you can write Flash applications to run on your favorite Android or iOS device, as well as some of the newer Blackberry (RIM) devices. It also does desktop too… but you probably already knew that.

So to those who said Flash is dead, let me know when the other half of the internet opens up for you.


New Year, New Format, New Blog Post

Over the past year I realized my blog was an unorganized collection of random thoughts I decided to compile on a whim… which is okay, I like my train of thought, its sporadic. I’m sure like myself and anyone who’s ever read my blog, you’ve realized you never really know what to expect.

Well that’s going to change.

Over the past year I’ve been studying some really cool facets about multiple different languages, teaching myself Python (which has more functionality than i ever imagined), started learning OpenFrameworks, and started learning some juicy tid bits about Android development.  Then there’s always Actionscript, where I’ve increased my knowledge by leaps and bounds…

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Refresh Rate

Most people rarely ever care to look at what refesh rate their monitors are set to. Just tonite, I’d been working for a few hours, and I began to wonder why my eyes were hurting so much more to look at one monitor more than the other. I have a dual-monitors that are identical (one is a model year older than the other). at 1600×1200 one max’s out at 100HZ the other at 85HZ.

I plugged my laptop in not realizing Vista has a tendency of setting the monitor down to default frequency(60hz) just about everytime you plug in to an external monitor. *This applies only to the VGA connection and NOT DVI… I believe*

So i bumped my monitor back up, and now my eyes feel like they can handle a couple more hours of retina burning staring. Think I need some food first though.

Note to self: Food is important.

Roundarch and I

As of January 26, 2009 I will be a full-time employee of Roundarch. I’m extremely excited to join the company, and start creating high quality solutions. The possibilities are endless. I almost don’t know what to do with myself for the next five days, so I will just enjoy it. I expect to push the envelope even further while I’m there.

I’m speechless, and giddy. I haven’t been this excited in, well since maybe, actually i don’t know I’ve ever been this excited. I’ll post some more once the butterflies are gone, and then I can just rant and rave about how much I love it. I think it will be an extremely mutually beneficial relationship.

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