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Why I keep going Back To Flash

Over the past year, I’ve done very little in the Flash/Flex world; Not because I thought the Apple had won, but more around the interest of learning what else is out there. After a year of HTML5/Javascript, iOS, Android/Java, and a little Python; Everything I learn makes me want to get back to Flash. Albeit I’ve learned that prototyping with jQuery(HTML) can be quite easy, and extremely fun; having to tweak my code for different browsers, reminded me of the negatives.

Then while iOS and Android offer extremely nice IDE’s for coding, and meticulously documented API’s, getting from idea to app can be a headache specially if you’re coding for both. Enter Appcelerator’s Titanium, which allows you to write apps for iPhone and Android using JavaScript (and a few other languages); I found the size and performance of the applications to be a little bit hard to swallow, but at least you’re not jumping around between Objective-C and JAVA.

And then I start looking through all my favorite Flash blogs and am reminded of why I love Flash so much in the first place. First off:

Simple Flash GUI Tool – an extension of MinimalComps by Keith Peters, and probably one of my favorite Flash libraries outside of TweenMax. This one is by Justin Windle over at SoulWire. And was originally posted like 5 months ago.

PixelBender 3D – Do I need to say more? Hardware 3D rendering, built on top of “Molehill”

Wallaby – This is a sweet idea to turn Flash sites into HTML. Not that I completely agree with the idea, but the option is pretty sweet.

Last but NOT LEAST:

Adobe AIR – Yup it’s AIR. If you didn’t know already, with AIR you can write Flash applications to run on your favorite Android or iOS device, as well as some of the newer Blackberry (RIM) devices. It also does desktop too… but you probably already knew that.

So to those who said Flash is dead, let me know when the other half of the internet opens up for you.


Portfolio in a happy place


Once i had my schema for tagging my data it was easy sailing but all the descriptions got a little bit tedious. I’m not a copywriter so i may of had a little bit of help; still it does take quite alot not to just resort to a project i worked on simply by the acronyms involved (i.e. AS3, PV3d,PureMVC, Gaia, RPC,OOP…etc);

Anyhow since I’m still living, my portfolio will always be a work in progress remboursement du cialis. There are a few things I’m still working on, but they are all just for kicks. One will be connecting my FlickR image library, that is once I actually get my FlickR image library, either that or I’m just gonna feed straight from facebook. Still working out the kinks. I love mashups and API’s, they are all great for RAD. For now my portfolio isĀ  more of a definite show of my core strengths. I want to show people what I have done with MY work, and not just how much I can piggy back off of all the open API’s out there. Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for the use of open source, I use ALOT of it in my own work, parts of my portfolio would not be possible if it wasn’t for open source!

Let’s see open source frameworks I used in building portfolio:

  1. Papervision 3D 2.0
  2. Gaia Framework for Flash
  3. Flint Particles
  4. Tweener
  5. Coverflow from http://johndyer.name
  6. Navigation Mod for Gaia
  7. …and probably some other core libraries

I like to mold things. Thanks to the community for posting, I myself try to give back as much as I can. Well i hope you enjoy what you see, and that any of this you may find useful at some point. The amount of customization i’ve done is getting really FAR OUT, but I’m gonna post the secrets of the different parts of my site bit by bit. No use in showing you a bunch of cool stuff if I’m not gonna teach you how to do it yourself.